Coronavirus statistics: Latest numbers on COVID-19 cases and deaths

Here is the latest data on infection hotspots and deaths from the virus. If you're having trouble viewing the data, please click here.

The statistics include:

  • A table of total cases and COVID-19 deaths in each country, sorted by the worst-affected
  • Global breakdown of COVID-19 cases, deaths, active cases and recoveries from the disease
  • How coronavirus cases and COVID-19 deaths have progressed over time
  • How many new COVID-19 cases are being reported each day
  • Who has the most fatalities, relatively speaking? COVID-19 deaths per one million of population
  • World maps showing which countries have been worst hit in terms of deaths and cases

There is also a chart showing which age groups were hit hardest by fatal cases of COVID-19 in Italy, giving an insight into who is being worst affected.