Coronavirus second wave? Which countries in Europe are experiencing a resurgence of cases?

Countries across Europe are seeing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases after successfully slowing outbreaks early in the year.

But how strong has the coronavirus comeback been and does it compare to the infection numbers seen in the spring?

Countries in southern-eastern Europe — such as Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania — are seeing higher case numbers in August than they did earlier in the year. Serbia is one of the exceptions, posting similar figures now to mid-April.

Croatia, Greece and Malta appear to be experiencing a surge in cases with even higher numbers this past week compared to the first wave.

The Czech Republic registered a new record of 1,161 cases on September 8.

Belgium, Italy and the UK — among Europe’s worst-hit countries — are seeing a resurgence but, so far at least, nothing like March and April. On September 6, the UK passed the 2,000 daily cases mark.

France, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain are likely dealing with the much-feared second wave and have started taking action to curb it.

France declared 8,975 new cases on September 4 — the highest figure ever recorded.

Please note that European countries are conducting far more tests now than during the first wave. This strategy may explain, at least partly, the new surges in cases.

*ECDC Methodology